Smile makeovers do not need to be a shock result

Smile makeovers do not need to be a shock result. Patients undergoing the series of treatments for better teeth can know in advance, the outcome. This is due to 3D imaging. The dentist will formulate a design and plan of action so that patients will know the end result of their smile makeovers. Patients will even have a say in the look that they want. This can be in terms of the shade of whiteness or the shape of the veneers and crowns. Before this can be done for smile makeovers to be on their way, the dentist will have to evaluate the entire mouth.

They do this to ensure that the teeth will be able to handle the dental procedures. Underlying gum disease for example will need to be treated as this could negatively impact crowns and veneers in the future. Also, if a tooth is not healthy enough, then crowns cannot be an option. Options are discussed and maybe implants could be a possibility if the bone in the jaw is strong enough to handle them. So what teeth problems can be fixed through smile makeovers?

The colour of the teeth. It takes just a single session to whiten the teeth with results being kept for up to three years. The best results are given when the gel and light combo is used. This is the most done dental treatment in regard to smile makeovers. Whiter teeth project good health, friendliness and youth and can be gained within a day. Alignment is the next problem in bad looking teeth. Crookedness just does not give off that finish for a good smile. Smile makeovers on crooked teeth can be fixed in a hurry with veneers which are porcelain material which are bonded over the front of the teeth to give off a straighter look.

If you would be unwilling to remove the minute portion required for this treatment, then Right Align braces would need to be the option you go with. They take a year or 2 on average to straighten out the teeth. If there is space between teeth, then these gaps can be fixed by veneers, crowns, bridges or orthodontic intervention. Again, the treatment choice would depend on how soon the patient would want to have it fixed and finances.

A combination of these treatments can be used as part of the process of smile makeovers. An example would be getting the braces and once complete to have the whitening done. This combination will present patients with, quite literally, a new set of teeth. Another popular combination would be to go with veneers in the front of the mouth with dental crowns at the back. Both are made of materials that are compatible with the rest of the soft tissue in the mouth, so even though it is a foreign entity it does fit in naturally. Patients always get a say during smile makeovers, and not only because of the permanence but also for consultations due to the time and money factor which they must give approval for.